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Other Travel Programs

3.1 Definition


These programs include summer hospital placements. They last either two months full-time or three months part-time. The programs take place in hospitals abroad, both within and outside the European Economic Community (EEC) and the French overseas departments and territories. The placements are conducted from July to September for students in their fourth or fifth year (D21 or D3) and from June to September for students in their sixth year (D4). In May and June, students in their fourth and fifth years (D2* and D3) must be in placements at the Pitié-Salpêtrière teaching hospital in Paris. It is mainly D2 and D4 students who go abroad as the D3 students are usually preparing for their internship examinations during this period.

Occasionally, two students may swap placements between Paris teaching hospitals. It is up to the interested students to organize this type of exchange and contact the placement department of the registrar’s office (office 24-A).


* In France, medical school lasts 6 years. Each year is divided into two cycles. The first cycle lasts two years (PCEM1 and PCEM2) and the second cycle lasts 4 years (D1 to D4).

3.2 Protocol for Summer Placements


By mid-January of the current academic year, the student must submit an application containing:

  • a cover letter (city, country, dates, objectives of the placement)
  • an acceptance letter from the teaching hospital, containing information about the hospital services (specialization, number of beds, supervision, etc...)
  • proof of individual accident liability insurance
  • proof of professional liability insurance
  • proof of repatriation insurance
  • a photocopy of his/her student card
  • his/her curriculum vitae
  • his/her transcript containing all marks since PCEM1 (to be requested at the examination department of the registrar’s office.)
  • a photocopy of his/her placement record book

During the month of February, Professor Herson will individually receive the students who have applied in order to inform them whether or not they have been accepted, or to ask for additional information about the future placement.

Professor Serge Herson
Internal Medicine
Bâtiment des Cliniques Médicales
1, rue de l'Infirmerie Générale
Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière
47/83 Boulevard de l'Hôpital
75651 Paris Cedex 13
Tel : +33 1 42 16 10 52  (or 01 42 16 10 52 from France)
Fax : +33 1 42 16 10 58  (or 01 42 16 10 58 from France)
e-mail : serge.herson @

3.3 After Receiving Authorization for the Placement

  • The students will terminate their employment and therefore must obtain student social insurance (contact the placement office).
  • The students must fill out three copies of the placement form (please contact the placement department of the registrar’s office).

3.4 Upon their Return, Students must

  • Bring their placement record book. It has to be signed and must contain two marks (activity in the hospital service and placement examination).
  • Write a report about the placement.


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